Would you like to Help?

The Mount Tacoma Ski Trail system is "North America's Largest No Fee Ski Trail System"; but no fee doesn't mean free. This is truly a user operated trail system, with all the labor to run the system being donated by volunteers. There are no paid employees!

There are many ways in which you can help insure that this system remains in operation for years to come. Please consider participating by selecting from the following list of options:  Membership, Volunteering , Cash donations, Hut deposit donations, Novelty items, Participation in fundraising events, Raffle donation, Grooming Pledge, and courtesy cards.

Joining us is the first step and it's easy.   See our Membership page for more information.

Volunteer your labor:
MTTA members provide all the labor to maintain and operate this system. Each summer we hold three work sessions to maintain trails, cut firewood, paint the huts, and other general but necessary upkeep. During the ski season we have volunteers groom trails, run the reservation system, and patrol the trails. If you are interested in volunteering your time, call: Tony Abruzzo at 360-871-5754.

Cash Donations:
There is nothing like cold cash to help purchase the supplies, fuel, maintenance, and equipment replacement needs. MTTA is a non profit corporation and all donations are tax deductible. You can send donations to :

   PO Box 206
Ashford, WA  98304

These donations provide the supplies and equipment for the volunteers to operate the system. Each year our volunteers donate more than 5000 man hours of labor.

We have developed a printed handout for distribution to individuals and companies that might be interested in making a donation. We have set up a sponsorship system whereby individuals or companies making donations get recognition for their donations. To learn more, please see our Ski Trail Partnership Program.

Donate a portion of your Hut Deposit:
If you reserve a hut, donate a portion of the deposit to the Association. On the reservation form there are boxes to indicate a percentage of your deposit.

MTTA Novelty items:
Stop by our office on weekends and purchase a novelty item. We have hats, vests, t-shirts, bumper stickers and other MTTA memorabilia.
Participate in a MTTA fund-raising event:
Each year in November we hold our annual Gala. This is the first opportunity to get hut and yurt reservations for the upcoming season, and to learn more about our trail system. Its also a time to bid on some cool equipment and services, with all the proceeds going towards the trail system. And lets not forget the good food, drink and fellowship. Join us in this important event!

Twice each year, typically in January and March, we hold our Prime Rib Moonlight Ski Dinner at Copper Creek Hut. This dinner has turned into a very popular event which helps raise funds to operate the trails. See a newsletter for details!

Donate Raffle or Gala Auction items:
If you can acquire outdoor or ski type equipment items, we will use these items at our annual Gala or as raffle items. You can drop these type items off at our office in Ashford on weekends during the ski season, or at any time at the Overland Restaurant.

Grooming Pledge:
If you like groomed trails you can fill out a grooming pledge. Stop by our office or just send us a note (mail) indicating your choices. You will be billed towards the end of the season. There are three options: you can indicate that you will pay $0.01 per each snowmobile mile driven during the ski seasons, or $0.10 per hour for each hour the snow cat is operated during the season, or, you can pay for both snowmobile miles and snow cat hours. Your bill will not exceed $25 for either miles or hours, and if you indicate both miles and hours your bill will not exceed $50.

Courtesy Cards:
At the office, trail heads, and in the huts you will now find courtesy cards. You can use these cards to sign up as a member, asked to be billed for a donation, or as a grooming pledge.