On-Line Gifts

Supporting Your Backcountry is Easier than Ever!

You can now use PayPal to provide a gift to support your backcountry.

Your gifts are critical to sustaining MTTA's backcountry system!   They allow us to buy gas so you and others can ski on groomed trails, buy propane so you can stay in a cozy hut and cook meals, and buy safety equipment and supplies for our volunteers.

Larger gifts help with major hut maintenance and improvement projects, such as replacing High Hut's roof and adding a new kitchen for the Yurt.   And occasionally, major fund raising drives need support for the really large projects, like the recent rebuilding of Snow Bowl hut and purchasing a new Snocat.

MTTA is your backcountry.  It needs your help.  Please give what you can afford.   Just click the following buttons to start PayPal's secure online payment system.   Your help is greatly appreciated.

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