Backcountry Maps

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In addition to maps for sale, we now have on-line map images.   Checkout our Topo Map Images for an on-line overview of our backcountry, and for the locations of our office and road turn-offs.

For visiting our backcountry, you'll need a map of your own.  Your best bet is the MTTA Backcountry Map, but you can also choose from USGS Maps or a Green Trail Map.

Backcountry Map - Weatherproof and GPS Friendly!

MTTA is proud to have a professional map covering our complete backcountry.   It consists of a detailed 1:24,000 scale topographic map, a shaded relief map, a locator map and trail information.   The map is made of modern weatherproof and tear-proof material.

The topographic map contains UTM grids to support GPS users.   It identifies current trails, hut locations, view-points, access roads and our office.   Elevations and milages are provided for major points of interest.

This map can be purchased for ~$10 at Whittaker Mountaineering in Ashford or on-line at Whittaker Mountaineering MTTA Map.

Topo Map Images - with Office and Road Turn-off Locations

The following on-line topographic map images give you an idea of the terrain between the Sno-Parks/Trailheads and the huts.  The North District map also identifies the location of our office and our backcountry road turn-offs, relative to the town of Ashford.

As an added feature, both map images contain an example trip profile for a visit to our huts.  Scroll to the bottom of the map image to see the distances traveled and elevation gains and losses.

Note the coordinates, elevations and distances on these maps are approximated (they are not based on actual GPS readings).  Also, our Sno-Parks float up and down as the snow depth varies; thus distances and elevation gains to the huts may be different than shown. Due to reduced image quality and approximated information, these map images should not be used for backcountry navigation or route finding.

North District Map Image
Copper Creek Hut,
the MTTA Office, and
turn-offs for North and South Districts
from Highway 706
South District Map Image
High Hut
Snowbowl Hut
The Yurt

USGS Maps (7.5 Minute Quad):

Green Trail Maps

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