MTTA Summer Getaways

Go South for Mountain Biking, Hiking, Rainier and More!

During the summer, only MTTA's South District is open.   The MTTA easement in the North Distrct is for winter use only.   Recently, part of the North District was purchased by the Nisqually Land Trust with funds from Section 6 of the USFWS Endangered Species Fund.  This forestland is being managed for protection of threatened and endangered wildlife species.

Load up your mountain bikes.   Strap on your backpacks.  The adventures are unique and you can pick your own pace.   Its summer in our backcountry!

Start planning your adventure today!   Learn more below, then getaway to MTTA.

Go to the Top - Oh, What a View!

Are you up for challenge with a serious reward?   Mountain bike to our 4760' High Hut.  Eat lunch and checkout the above-the-cloud views of Mt. Rainier, some of the best anywhere!   Then turn around and look into St. Helen's crater and a part of Mt Adams.   Finally, experience the thrill of a 2500' decent.

There are no fees or passes required for summer day visits.  Just come on out and getaway!   For more information, see directions and maps.

Something Different - A Hut-to-Hut, Three Volcano Adventure

Bike or hike on dirt trails between High Hut, Snow Bowl and our Mongolian Yurt.  Experience the unique character of each hut.   Decide for yourself which offers the best view of Rainier!

Explore over 20 miles of trails that link the huts together. These trails gradually wind through ridges and valleys of the South Cascades range; offering stunning views of its three volcanoes: Mt Rainier, Mt St Helens and Mt Adams.

Take the first step today.   Get a copy of our Backcountry Map at Whittaker Mountaineering in Ashford or at Whittaker Mountaineering MTTA Map; then getaway to MTTA!

Backcountry Serenity - A Summer Hut Stay

Looking for a way to getaway from it all, and reconnect with nature and friends?   Does the serenity of the mountains beckon to you?   An overnight stay at one of our backcountry huts may be the perfect solution.

Trek in and spend several nights.   Enjoy the clean mountain air, the wild life and the sounds of the mountains.  Watch above-the-cloud sunsets or get up early to see Rainier's shadow-in-the-sky.

All you need to bring is food, warm-weather sleeping bags or blankets, and emergency gear.   Each hut is well-equiped with a stove, oven, pots and pans and cooking utensils.   Water is provided.

MTTA's backcountry serenity awaits you.   To make reservations, see our hut reservations page, or call or stop by Whittaker Mountaineering in Ashford.

MTTA Summer Getaways.
Mountain Biking, Hiking, Rainier and So Much More!